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Further information on Digital  Orchestration

Digital Orchestration

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Film Producers




Digital Orchestration

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Digital Orchestration       Digital Orchestration       Digital Orchestration       Digital Orchestration       Digital Orchestration       Digital Orchestration

Recreating the sound of a symphony orchestra using only sequencers
and orchestral sample libraries presents a great challenge
to the contemporary composer and digital musician.
The latest sample libraries are better than ever but still require
a great deal of manipulation to convince listeners
that they are listening to the real thing.
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At Kanon Digital Orchestration we will take your manuscript
/Sibelius file / .xml file / midi file etc.
and convert it into a high quality sounding orchestral / band
/ ensemble production.

At the heart of our sample libraries is the world leading Vienna Symphonic Library
and VSL's MIR - Multi Impulse Response Mixing and Reverberation software.
We also use East West Hollywood Strings; Chris Hein Horns; Real Guitars
and a range of other libraries including Bagpipes and Accordions
and a wide range of eastern and western ethnic instruments.
We can also supply backing tracks or additions to your existing tracks e.g
Orchestral Percussion
Orchestral / Chamber / Solo / Hollywood Strings
Brass / Horns etc

Listen to a selection of our recent work by clicking on the links below.

n.b These files are mp3 files rendered at 192 kbps.
We can, of course, supply a range of file formats including the original wav file.

For more detailed information on our services click on the pdf file at the bottom
of this page or email: Kanon Editions

To listen to No Hay Camino on Soundcloud click here.

No Hay Camino - John Gourlay

Contemporary Classical / Orchestral

The Mikado - Overture - Sullivan

Mariage of Figaro - Overture - Mozart

One-a-Day - Fun Ukulele and Banjo music - David Watson.
Click on the titles below to listen on Soundcloud
Motivational Monday
Tuesday Circus
Bluebell Wednesday
Tidy-up Thursday
Jiggin' on Friday
Saturday Shuffle
Smooth Sunday

Three Film Cues - David Watson.
Click on the titles below to listen on Soundcloud
Three Corners of the Room
Edge of the Room

Dark Carnival - David Watson.
Click on the titles below to listen on Soundcloud
Welcome to the Carnival
Haunted Castle
Hall of Mirrors
At the Wake

There was a Young Person of Smyrna.
Storyboards from the film Following Lear Zontul Films Ltd.
Sung by Tim Wilson and Necati Zontul. Music composed and produced by David Watson - Kanon Digital Orchestration.
Click on the image to view on Youtube

How Pleasant To Know Mr Lear - David Watson.
From the film - Following Lear - Zontul Films (currently in production)
To listen to the song sung by soprano Thomasin Trezise and watch Tim Wilson drawing
Click the Youtube link here.

Some cartoon-ish music - still a work in progress.
From The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance

This will be used as an ident for Zontul Films Ltd.
Drawing and animation Tim Wilson, music arranged by David Watson

Two Music Hall pieces for Zontul Films Ltd.
Music arranged by David Watson. Produced by Kanon Digital Orchestration

Burlington Bertie from Bow - Hargreaves - Sung by Tim Wilson

The Night I Appeared As Macbeth - Hargreaves - Sung by Tim Wilson

Two Film Fragments - composed by David Watson
Produced by Kanon Digital Orchestration

Mystic / Dramatic

Dramatic / Climatic

Dateline Europe - David Watson

Canonized - Pachelbel arr. David Watson

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Further information on Digital Orchestration

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